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Sunshine Minting, Inc. Adds Key Industry Expert to Management Team, Dr. Michael H. Gradwell

Apr 2, 2024

As part of Sunshine Minting, Inc.’s (SMI) ongoing strategic plan to enhance their national and international capabilities and services, SMI is pleased to announce this important addition of Dr. Michael H. Gradwell as the Senior Director of Technical Services and Manufacturing Support.

Dr. Gradwell brings extensive experience in manufacturing and quality systems including possessing a Ph.D. in Physical Polymer chemistry and an MBA in Marketing and Leadership. After working over 14 years for several companies in the Plastics and Polymers field, Mike joined the South African Mint in 2014 as Executive Director of Manufacturing Support. In this role, he was responsible for working closely with Sales and Marketing as well as Production for the development of new products for the domestic and international markets. He played a key role in the development of the Silver Krugerrand Bullion Program, which has sold over 40 million units worldwide since its inception in 2018. Most recently, Mike was employed by Asahi Refining in Miami, Florida, responsible for the growth and expansion of their minting operation.

In his newly created role at SMI, Dr. Gradwell will be responsible for leading SMI’s Technical and Manufacturing Support Teams, focusing on product and process development, assay, die engraving and tooling, safety, health, environmental, and quality initiatives. His leadership of the Technical Services team, and working with the Operations and Commercial teams, will play a crucial role in expanding and enhancing the company’s production capabilities and quality systems, as well as bringing new products to market to meet market demands.

Tom Power, CEO of Sunshine Minting, Inc., had the following comment regarding Dr. Gradwell, “The addition of Dr. Gradwell brings a new level of technical depth and manufacturing expertise to our leadership team. Mike possesses a deep understanding of manufacturing and quality systems, which will be the key to our continued growth as a company. He will lead our initiatives for the development of new processes and techniques to enhance our custom minting capabilities. His team will focus on the time to market for new product development while maintaining our reputation for outstanding quality in all aspects of our operation. I am looking forward to welcoming Dr. Gradwell to our Team and introducing him to our Customers!”

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