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ESG Guidelines


Sunshine Minting strives to be a model company and leader in the industry and community by making the commitment to reduce waste, improve energy efficiency and reduce the consumption of our precious natural resources with a long term vision for sustainability.  

Sunshine Minting has implemented numerous waste management and recycling initiatives and has invested in modern energy efficient machinery throughout each location.


Sunshine Minting works to continuously enhance and improve the working environment and conditions within our organization in an effort to provide a safe, clean and inviting workplace for everyone.  We foster an equitable diverse and inclusive culture throughout the company and encourage continuing education on all levels.  SMI has also made the commitment to focus on Human Rights protection initiatives and bring awareness to local, national and global concerns and challenges.  Additionally, Sunshine Minting excels at making a positive impact in our local communities through charitable donations, sponsorships and continuous involvement in leadership roles for business and academic committees.



Sunshine Minting considers governance practices essential to creating and preserving value for all stakeholders.  These include a sound approach to corporate governance that complies with all laws, rules, regulations and policies while adhering to our corporate values and business practices.  Our code of conduct and compliance policies set the moral and ethical standards that must prevail in all aspects or our business operations.

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