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Building & Developing Skills 

At Sunshine Minting, we identify and develop people’s skills and abilities in an effort to build a strong and well rounded team by focusing on cross training in multiple areas, departments and types of machinery. We believe in promoting from within and by having a comprehensive training plan in place for each and every individual we can teach people a trade, give them new skills and put them on a career path with unlimited opportunities for advancement. Sunshine Minting provides online as well as instructor lead and offsite classroom training on a variety of courses and individuals interested in career advancement can be considered for tuition reimbursement based upon the curriculum. 

A melt operator prepares to melt silver. (Rachel Aston/Las Vegas Review-Journal)

A melting moderator pours molten silver into a castor.

Kris using a caliber to verify the diameter of a round blank.

Allison Cobb and Pauline Gray adjust the rolling mill. (Rachel Aston/Las Vegas Review-Journal)

Citlali is inserting a silver strip into the blanking machine to create round blanks.





Lawrence is taking the silver bar blanks from the conveyor belt and placing them in a tray.

Forklift training and certification.

Sessions in CDA

ISO class

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