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What We do


Sunshine minting, Inc. continues to be a leader in the minting industry, embracing proven and new technologies. SMI uses the latest in minting software, engraving, tooling, and die finishing. Products are manufactured to the highest quality standards using cutting edge applications that ensure creative, exciting and innovative products. 


Art and Design

Sunshine Minting Inc. employs an experienced and creative staff of artists and designers using the latest in design and 3D digital modeling software. Sunshine’s artists are committed to the highest standards of workmanship starting from the creative development of your initial concepts to the transformation of your ideas into precise and detailed artwork. 



SMI uses an array of standardized packaging as well as the ability to design, engineer and have manufactured packaging customized for your specific needs. 


Quality Assurance

Sunshine Minting, Inc., the leading manufacturer of products for the minting industry, is committed to meeting customer expectations by producing quality products with cost effective processes, delivered on time. We accomplish this by continually measuring and improving our systems at every opportunity, by employee training, and a dedicated awareness of our goals.



SMI produces blanks and struck products In fine silver, gold, platinum and base metal alloys. Products include bullion, legal tenders, tokens, commemoratives, collectibles and more. SMI can create your custom products.


SMI Bullion

We are the most recognized private mint in North America for the production of bullion bars and rounds and we guarantee our products for weight and purity. This makes Sunshine brand a safe and reliable way to include bullion in your investment portfolio. Sunshine Minting sells its products exclusively through our premium network of preferred distributors. If you would like to purchase SMI bullion products, please contact the following exclusive distributors:

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