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The Silver &
Gold Source

Premier supplier of precious metals
mint products 
since 1979

Sunshine Minting has been the premier provider of precious metals products for the Mint industry since 1979. We are the world’s leading supplier, recognized globally for our quality. Our success is based on meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations, earning their trust and respect through our highly valued staff and our dedication to continuous improvements in training and technology.


Giving Back to Community


Who We Are

About Our Company

Sunshine Minting, Inc., the leading manufacturer for products for the minting industry worldwide, is committed to meeting customer expectations by producing quality products with cost effective processes, delivered on time. We accomplish this by continually measuring and improving our systems at every opportunity, by employee training, and a dedicated awareness of our goals.

Thomas Power

President & CEO



Year of Establishment


Global Employees

1, 000

Business Partners

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