Sunshine Minting, Inc.

With manufacturing facilities in Idaho, Nevada & Shanghai, as well as additional sales offices in Canada, Austria & Argentina, Sunshine Minting, Inc. (SMI) is a leading domestic and global supplier of precious metal and base metal minted products. Our customers include governments, financial institutions, corporations, major marketing companies, private groups and individuals around the world.

Products offered:

  • Blanks
  • Bullion (SMI brand silver & gold bullion qualify for IRA investments.)
  • Custom minted products
  • Exclusive Security & special feature products

Sunshine Minting, Inc., the leading manufacturer of products for the minting industry, is committed to meeting customer expectations by producing quality products using cost effective processes and delivering on time. We accomplish this by continually measuring and improving our systems at every opportunity, by employee training, and a dedicated awareness to our goals.

President & CEO
Tom Power

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Counterfeit Products - We have been made aware that our products are being counterfeited and sold into the marketplace. These bars are not manufactured by Sunshine Minting, Inc. rather they are being manufactured and brought into the market as "silver-plated" or "clad" products by less than reputable businesses. These businesses are also counterfeiting and distributing other bullion products produced by other reputable manufacturers and national mints. Sunshine Minting, Inc. highly recommends individuals interested in purchasing SMI bullion products, should purchase such products directly from a reputable dealer